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Welborne Village Hall

Key features you need to know before hiring


For private or public events the hall has a maximum capacity for 50 persons.


The main hall has dimensions ( 8.85 m x 5.5 m).


It has a wooden parquet varnished floor, large secondary-glazed windows and an open fireplace (screened). It is centrally heated, with wall-mounted electric heaters for use in extreme cold. There are no carpets.


There are sufficient chairs for 50 persons and a selection of smaller and larger tables in the store cupboard


Off the main hall is a fully-fitted kitchen. It includes cooker, oven, microwave, fridge,dishwasher, wall-mounted water boiler and a full set of cooking pots/pans and utensils.There are also sufficient plates and cutlery for 50 people.


Also off the main hall are two toilets (inc. disabled toilet and childcare facilities).


In the main hall is a digital projector and projection screen and speakers - these are onlyavailable to use after specific training, which should be requested before hiring.


Space outside the Hall includes bicycle racks, picnic table and chairs, and a shed. Theshed is not accessible. There is also a grassed garden with trees suitable for a wide rangeof activities.


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